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School does not suit every child and if your child is not happy at school you may be looking at alternatives. Or perhaps you are thinking about home education for the future? Read on, there's lots to find out.

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OHED - Oxfordshire Home Educators

Oxfordshire has a lively home educating community stretching from Banbury to Wallingford and Witney to Thame.

All parents have a duty to provide education for their child. Some parents choose to pass that responsibility to schools but if you are reading this perhaps you are considering taking that responsibility for yourself and educating your child at home.

Home Education is valuable choice you and your child can make and it can be truly life changing. Once you make the decision to home educate you may feel alone and unsupported after stepping outside the school community but you are not alone by any means. There are several hundred children being home educated in Oxfordshire and enjoying life to the full!

Wherever you are in the county you will find other home educating families and activities close to you.

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